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I fly airplanes - formerly for the US Navy and now as a First Officer on the Boeing 747. I prefer vintage airplanes to new ones. 

On a regular basis I travel to aircraft salvage yards (or boneyards) and buy scrap/non-airworthy aircraft parts. I bring these parts back to my workshop in Florida and repurpose them into the things you see on this site. I have a particularly keen interest in jet engines and propulsion systems, which I disassemble and then use the internal components for projects. I also enjoy rebuilding cockpit instrument panels.  


I do all of my own metalwork, cutting, fabrication, and polishing.

I also own and operate a company that makes patches and flags out of aircraft grade titanium - called Mach Metal

If you'd like to discuss a custom furniture project, or anything else you see here, please contact me via the contact page. Thanks for visiting!

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