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Our very first metal tag release. Our PT-27 tag was cut from the fuel tank and components from N42PW; Boeing serial number 75-3993. This PT-27 was manufactured on 8 Jun 1942 and served with the RCAF under the Lend Lease Act. The PT-27 was the designation given to PT-17s (or more commonly, Stearmans) that served with the Royal Canadian Air Force. Only 300 were supplied to the RCAF for training. 


The PT-17 and its variants were formerly used as primary trainers to Allied pilots during WWII. Over 10,000 Stearmans were produced, with only a fraction still flying today. Our PT-27 tags were cut from fuel system components from N42PW. One series of tags were cut from sheet metal that was unsed as an insulator above the main fuel tank in the upper wing. These tags measure 2" in diameter, and only 50 will be available for sale. The other tags are cut from the fuel tank itself, and measure 2.5" in diamter. These fuel tank tags will feature original green paint from the fuel tank, and this variant will be limited to 300. Serial numbers for each line will be printed on the back of the tag.  


This is a pre-production tag, and the designs you see may differ slightly. Pre-orders will begin shipping in late April.


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